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Q. Is CATA or USTA membership required to play ATL?

A. No. There are no membership requirements to play ATL. The only fee is a team fee. The team captain can decide what he/she will charge individual members of the team.

Q. The schedule says I am supposed to play at 1:00 at McCallum High School. McCallum's courts are in terrible shape. Can we play somewhere else?

A. If one of the teams has a home court, you are welcome to use them if they are available. However, you should contact our administrator, Maggie Yanez, before arbitrarily changing court locations. She can look at the list of courts and give you a few options (in some cases).

Q. My opponent played his stronger players at 2nd singles and 2nd doubles. This resulted in matches that were not competitive. Is this allowed?

A. Yes, stacking the lineup is permitted.

Q. My opponent never has his lineup card ready, and expects to use mine. I feel he uses this to look at my card and adjust his lineup. Is this permissible?

A. No. Captains should exchange their lineup simultaneously. Lineup cards can be written on just about anything, so there should be no excuse for a captain not to have a lineup card.

Q. What are the procedures for using a sub?

A. On the lineup card, you can designate a 7th person as a replacement in the event one of your players doesn't show up. The 'sub' should warm up until the regular player arrives. There will be no extra time allowed for the late player to warm up, however.





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